Cryptocurrencies in top 100, with a working product

There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies being traded across various crypto exchanges. People who are interested and invested in cryptocurrencies should look at the projects and pay attention to the teams behind and progress on the associated products.

John Bardinelli and Daniel Frumkin have published a report on the working products in the crypto space.

Working products as defined for the purpose of the report, “A working product is active and available to the public. Its mainnet has likely been released for some time, bumping the version numbers well above 1.0. Businesses and individuals use it on a daily basis for dapps, smart contracts, or digital currency transactions.”

It all started with Bitcoin, the first blockchain based cryptocurrency in 2009.

Today, Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency being used in P2P transactions across the globe.

Ethereum is the second most successful blockchain platform that runs smart contract and distributed Apps.

There have been many successful projects running on Ethereum and ICO is one of them.

For other cryptocurrencies with successful working products, read the report in details.