Italian Red Cross Coronavirus Bitcoin Fundraiser Smashes Goal, Issues new initiative

The Italian Red Cross is now seeking Bitcoin (BTC) donations to purchase emerging medical equipment after its first-crypto initiative surpassed its goal within three days.

On March 12, Italy’s Red Cross launched a BTC fundraising campaign to purchase an advanced medical post for pre-triaging coronavirus cases. 

Red Cross crypto fundraiser surpasses target in three days

Just three days later, the Red Cross announced that its goal of around $10,710 (€10,000) had been reached and that it had begun purchasing the materials needed to deploy the pre-triage facility. After reaching its first goal so quickly, the Red Cross has continued to continue its Bitcoin fundraising campaign.

The charity organization has now set a goal of almost $26,000 to purchase equipment for emergency operations, such as a defibrillator with a vital signs monitor. 

The Red Cross has deployed nearly $20,000 so far. The Dutch Red Cross is also accepts BTC donations